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Instead of driving around and around the block hunting for a meter on Mass street, we suggest you park in the back lot which is just a few steps from our back door.

The lot is accesssible from New Hampshire street between 7th and 8th and offers two hours of free parking!  Space is almost always available from early morning until mid-afternoon.  Other times, if you drive around the lot, someone will usually pull out and leave you a spot.  The exception would be weekend evenings when its just plain hard to park downtown.  During those times, expect to park a couple of blocks away and get a little excercise.

Note:  our back door is open between 10am and 5pm.  At other times, please use the Mass street entrances.  There is a walkway from the parking lot through to Mass right beside our building - you don't have to walk around the block.

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Below you'll see a random book pulled from the Indiebound Bestseller list.  The list is compiled from independent bookstores across America.  Not all the booksellers making these recommendations share our worldview, so you may see an occasional book here that Signs of Life doesn't endorse.  But you are also likely to find some real gems!  Explore.  Enjoy.

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