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Open until 11pm Monday through Saturday.  Looking for your early morning cup o' joe?  We're always here by 8, but on Mondays and Tuesdays you might find someone here as early as 6:30.

Bookstore and Gallery:

10am to 11pm Monday through Saturday.


We are closed all day Sunday because we want to worship in the morning and rest the remainder of the day.  We believe this policy is faithful to scripture, but we have no quarrels with retailers who want to stay open or Christians who want to shop on Sunday.  Our website, of course, is open 24/7.


Below you'll see a random book pulled from the Indiebound Bestseller list.  The list is compiled from independent bookstores across America.  Not all the booksellers making these recommendations share our worldview, so you may see an occasional book here that Signs of Life doesn't endorse.  But you are also likely to find some real gems!  Explore.  Enjoy.

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